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Creative Spotlight: Pedro Rolle Jr.

Pedro Rolle Jr

This month we decided to sit down and delve into the mind of the artist and visionary, Pedro Rolle Jr.  We reached out to Pedro Rolle Jr. to find out more about his art and his process. He’s had multiple covers with us in collaboration with the industry’s most talented stylists and models. We’ve always enjoyed the editorials that we have run in the magazine and have gotten loads of positive feedback from his work. It’s been a long time coming that we interviewed Pedro so here you go!  We hope you enjoy the piece and interview!


NM Tell us about yourself.


PRJ Well, my name’s Pedro Rolle Jr. and I’m from the beautiful island Bahamas. I don’t think anybody ever realized that I would go into the photography field but such is life lol! This is where life took me! I actually have my degree in Civil Engineering from Florida International University if you can believe that! I’m a pretty simple guy I think. I like cool things… pizza, video games, sports just to name a few. Most days though, I’m shooting and editing those shots.


NM What does photography mean to you?


PRJ Photography to me is looking at what’s in front of you, imagining what it could be and                   trying your best to show the world what that image was in your head. Always something awesome and breathtaking.

NM When did you become interested in photography?


PRJ I’ve been around photography all my life actually. I always loved cameras and taking pictures and video. 


NM What inspired you to become a photographer?


PRJ My mother had a camera in her hand 24/7. Even before her, there was my grandfather who had this camcorder and was obsessed with capturing memories. My mom, I guess, got it from him, I then got it from my mom and became obsessed with it. Then of course I was into art and visual concepts. So I guess naturally, combining the two got me into the kind of photography I do today.


NM When did you decide to make it a profession?


PRJ I’ve been taking pictures since I was in high school. Maybe even before that. There’s this picture of me when I was about 5 or 6 years old taking a picture of my shooting partner with one of those toy cameras! I thought it was so funny lol. I never expected it to be my primary profession but when people started paying me to shoot them I dropped everything! lol

NM Why did you decide to become a fashion photographer?


PRJ I don’t really like to label the kind of photographer I am. Mainly because my interest is in so many things. Sure, I take great fashion photography but I like to create beautiful images primarily. I see beauty in so many things.



NM Describe your style.


PRJ I go for breathtaking images. I want to look at my pictures and feel like “wow..this should be hung on the wall in my house”. Capturing subjects in movement is something I love to do so I never stop hitting the trigger button on the camera. I capture the pose, the transition to the next pose and the destination pose as well.


NM How did you develop your style?


PRJ I developed the style naturally honestly. Interaction with the models is very important. Sometimes I instigate a certain situation during a shoot to get a certain reaction out of the model just because I think it would be an amazing shot lol.


NM Describe a typical work day in the life of Pedro Rolle Jr.


PRJ Is there such a thing as a typical work day for a photographer? I shoot most days then spend the rest of it editing. I travel a lot too. So I’m always doing one of those 3 things every single day.


NM Do you remember your very first fashion shoot?


PRJ Hmmmm…That’s an interesting question because I think the first shoot that I considered to be fashion, I would look back at it now and laugh at the fact that that wasn’t a fashion shoot at all lol!


NM What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in this industry?


PRJ Stigmas, I think, is a big problem in the industry. It’s hard for models to look at a photographer and not look at what or who else do they shoot instead of looking at the talent and the vision he’s presenting. It’s not so much a problem for me now but earlier in my career it was hard to get over the “shallowness” (I would call it) in the industry.


NM What advice do you have for aspiring photographers out there?


PRJ Never stop shooting. Shoot as much as you can and learn from whoever you come in contact with.


NM How does social media help you?


PRJ Social Media has become so iPRJortant in this industry that it’s almost career suicide to neglect it. It’s a platform to showcase your work, market to potential clients among so many other things.

NM Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


PRJ In 5 years I want to be an established brand. I also want to be somewhere else creatively. It doesn’t matter where as long as it’s not the same as today. Stagnation is the natural enemy of growth. I’m not into that.

NM Where can our readers follow your work?


PRJ  My website is Follow me everywhere at @PedroRolleJr. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, facebook…everything lol


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